Hawaii   Will   Be   Hit   Harder  
Than   Any   Other   State

More and stronger hurricanes; severe damage to tourism, our economy’s largest source of income; beach loss; more disease; closed hotels and lost jobs; water shortages; dying coral reefs; damaged infrastructure; higher average temperatures; decreased trade winds; periods of drought and heavy rain with flooding; sea water mixing with drinking water; endangered fisheries; stressed native animals and plants; increased spread of invasive species; declining crop production.

Lucky we live Hawaii? It’s changing – right now.

Sign our petition!

Tell Governor Ige that Hawaii needs to officially declare a Climate Emergency.

Sign our petition to declare a Climate Emergency!

Please sign our petition urging Governor Ige to declare a Climate Emergency. We have 11 years to stop climate change catastrophe! The time to talk is over. It’s time to act at emergency speed to reach zero emissions. We call on the Governor of Hawaii to declare a climate emergency and initiate a society-wide World (More...)


Will Hawaii Really Be Hit Hardest?

A visitor recently questioned the headline on our homepage.   “Hit harder” refers to three ways climate change effects can be quantified: the number of types of effects, the severity of the effects, and the percentage of a state’s area affected.  The 18 types of effects listed on our homepage are very likely more than (More...)


350Hawaii – Maui Nui seeks volunteers

Aloha Maui Nui- The 350.org movement is growing within the Hawaiian Islands.  We have a new Maui Nui (Maui, Molokai, Lanai) group forming and we are seeking help from climate defenders who want to make a change at the local level.  Whether you have just a little time, a lot of time, or your available (More...)


Don’t stand for this trickery!

350Hawaii Members— We’ve been snookered! On Wednesday the City Council’s Committee on Public Works, Infrastructure and Sustainability passed a version of our resolution that said, “explore the potential for a major area of Honolulu to be zero emission by 2030.” It also said “100 percent renewable-powered ground transportation system on Oahu by 2045.” A floor (More...)


Hearing for our Resolution! Please testify in person or by email

350Hawaii Members— If ever we needed you, it’s NOW, whatever island you’re on. There’s a hearing Wednesday at 1:00 that may decide whether the Honolulu City Council does anything to fight climate change. We need as much in-person testimony as we can possibly get. If you can show up to testify, please email blockard@350hawaii.org ASAP so we can coordinate. (More...)


Testify against Hu Honua ASAP!

Climate Warriors— Our efforts convinced the Department of Health to hold a public hearing on Nov. 14 on the outrageous power plant that Hu Honua is building on the Big Island. Thank you for signing the petition and writing! Now we need to follow through with testimony at the hearing. The Malama Hamakua website has all the (More...)


Letter to EPA about Hu Honua’s Hilo power plant

350Hawaii sent this letter on 10/14/2018:   Dr. Peter Kozelka Scientist US EPA Pacific Southwest, Region 9 75 Hawthorne St. San Francisco, CA 94105 Ms. Alexis Strauss Senior Policy Advisor US EPA Pacific Southwest, Region 9 75 Hawthorne St. San Francisco, CA 94105 cc: Dr. Bruce Anderson Director, Hawaii Department of Health 1250 Punchbowl Street (More...)


Stop Hu Honua’s Tree-Burning Power Plant!

Hu Honua plant just after Hurricane Lane. Notice any issues here? Please sign our petition at https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/permits-and-public-hearings-for-hu-honua! Hu Honua is nearing completion of construction of a wood-burning power plant on the Big Island that would create more CO2 emissions than burning coal; wastewater with over two dozen hazardous chemicals injected less than 100 feet from (More...)



PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 8, 2018 Contacts: Dave Mulinix, dave.mulinix@juno.com, 808-239-8276 Brodie Lockard, blockard@350hawaii.org, 808-262-1285 Rally with Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell and Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, in front of the Hawaii State Capitol City Council Urged to Achieve Fossil Fuel-Free Economy by 2030 and Ban New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Resolution urges (More...)