Join us for a very special evening with Retired Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Michael Wilson, and Pahonu, one of the youth plaintiffs, who will be discussing the trial of the century, the youth climate lawsuit Navahine v. HDOT!  

Engaged, committed, articulate youth of Hawaii have taken legal steps asking the Hawaii Department of Transportation to have a PLAN to address the climate crisis.  Find out more about the world’s first constitutional climate change case exclusively focused on stopping climate pollution from transportation systems and what you can do to help.

These youth plaintiffs seek to hold HDOT accountable to meeting the state legislature’s goal to decarbonize Hawaiʻi’s economy.  Their trial is set to begin June 24, 2024.

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As youth plaintiff Mesina asserted, “I want the defendants to understand that climate change is not an impending doom, but a preventable crisis that is currently harming Hawaii’s youth, a crisis that the courts can help solve.”