With the climate crisis threatening their land, food, and traditions, more than a dozen youth advocates have decided to take the Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation to court to spur climate action. The youth plaintiffs claim high emissions resulting from DOT’s transportation system is causing significant harm to their communities, violates their constitutional rights, and undermines their ability to “live healthful lives in Hawaiʻi now and into the future.”

Let’s be clear. The climate crisis is here and now, with a disproportionate impact on young people. Research suggests that kids born today will experience as many as seven times more climate disasters than people born in 1960. This underscores the urgency of putting policies in place today that will ensure a safe, livable environment for future generations.

If we stick to the status quo, today’s youth stand to inherit a world with severe climate breakdown and global boiling. The youth plaintiffs in Navahine v. HDOT are holding our government accountable for their actions and obligation to do their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions towards a safe and livable future here in Hawaii. They should not have to do this, let alone do it alone. They need our support.  


The youth plaintiffs and their attorneys are now preparing for trial. Trial dates are scheduled from June 24-July 12, 2024. Leading up to and during the trial, we will be there to stand in full solidarity and support of our brave youth climate leaders. Stay tuned for updates.

To learn more, check out this recording from a very special evening with youth plaintiff Pahonu, Retired Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Michael Wilson, and Marti Townsend, attorney at Earthjustice, discussing this youth climate lawsuit Navahine v. HDOT!