Do you remember how President Obama and every other G20 leader pledged to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies? It was in 2009, right before the last major UN climate conference – the one in Copenhagen.

That pledge was great, there was much rejoicing, but then do you remember the part where those fossil fuel subsidies actually got eliminated?

Yea, neither do we.

Let’s change that. Visit right now and sign up to take action to end fossil fuel subsidies.

Momentum and pressure to stop funding fossils has been growing in response to all of our rising concerns about climate change. Even businesses, pensions funds, and other public institutions are on board, by way of the wildly successful divestment movement.

It’s time for the world’s governments to step up and stop using our tax dollars to prop up the fossil fuel industry.

We have some incredible opportunities for some real wins between now and the upcoming UN Climate Talks in Paris. Not the “vague promises for the future” kind of wins – but actual removal of some important subsidies that in turn will directly impact the bottom line of the fossil fuel industry, and how much dangerous carbon they produce. If we remove subsidies, we can keep carbon in the ground. But we can’t do this alone.

We need you – yes, you too – now. On November 14th we’re organizing a global #StopFundingFossils Day of Action, telling world leaders to stop funding the stuff that is causing the problem in the first place.

Right now, we need your help to make it as big as possible.  Please visit StopFundingFossils.orgto sign up, and tell all of your friends to join in. If you’re on Twitter, Tweet out this message today to let everyone know, and share this image on Facebook if you can.

It’s amazing that we have to even do this, but apparently we do – so let’s connect the dots for these “leaders” and tell them in no uncertain terms that ongoing funding to the fossil fuel industry is just a wonkier version of climate denial.

Thanks for being here with us fighting the good fight.

Executive Director
Oil Change International