There will be two free briefings  at the Hawaii State Capitol Auditorium, 415 S. Beretania Street (Lower Level) on Tuesday, October 14. 

These will be important briefings covering recent scientific observations on planetary changes and the substantial, accelerating impacts they will have on climate and life here in the Hawaiian Islands.  Our islands are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than any other place in America.  The public, policy makers and business leaders all need to understand the coming changes and what they portend.  This is vital emergency-climate-preparedness information.

Whether or not you think you are well informed about climate change, be prepared to be unprepared for what you will hear and see.  The under-reported aspects of the causes, effects, risks and timing of climate change may significantly alter your worldview.  Our situation can be mitigated if we take the warnings seriously.

There will be two free sessions of briefing that day.  Session 1 is 10:00 am – 12:00 noon and Session 2 is 7:00 – 9:00 pm.  A large attendance is expected, so we encourage you to make reservation at to assure seating.  

Since time is short until October 14th, as a service to your colleagues, family and friends, please forward this email and its attachments widely, post in high visibility areas at work and in public spaces, social media, and place on email lists you subscribe to. 

Here are references for those who want more information before registering for the briefing.  First, an article in the Huffington Post – Climate Change Will Ruin Hawaii, New Study Suggests and second the study itself, commissioned by the Hawaii Tourism Authority and compiled by the University of Hawaii, is available by clicking on this link to Climate Change Impacts in Hawaii.