Email the Department of Health about Hu Honua!

    I oppose Hu Honua's permits for several reasons:

    Cliffs along the Hāmākua coast are subject to failure because they consist of soil and clay. Cliff failures caused by Underground Injection Wells would endanger humans and property, and also cause long-term harm to the shoreline habitat and nearshore waters because the sediment load in the water kills marine life.

    Heated and chemical-contaminated waters released and injected underground may reach the aquifer, and will reach coastal waters, with damage to fishing grounds for the local population, as well as other marine life that contributes to the health of the ocean ecosystem and species of plants and animals that live and feed in the area, including the critically endangered hawksbill turtles.

    I urge you to require the relevant permits and proper studies, and to consult with the agencies that federal law requires. HDOH has primary responsibility to see that those laws are properly enforced. You also have a responsibility under the State Constitution Public Trust Doctrine and the Precautionary Principle to error on the side of the natural resources.