Global warming will hit Hawaii harder than any other state.  This summer we barely dodged three hurricanes in 10 weeks.  A June 2014 study by UH Manoa Sea Grant shows our present and our future:  more and stronger hurricanes; severe damage to tourism, our economy’s largest source of income; beach loss; closed hotels and lost jobs; higher average temperatures; decreased trade winds; more disease; damaged infrastructure; periods of drought and heavy rain with flooding; water shortages; sea water mixing with drinking water; bleached coral reefs; endangered fisheries; stressed native animals and plants; increased spread of invasive species; declining crop production.

Lucky we live Hawaii?  It’s changing, right now.

Hawaii is in a unique position to set many examples for the country and the world of how to deal with global warming.  One way is to divest from fossil fuels–to stop funding the companies disfiguring our home.  Divestment stigmatizes fossil fuel companies, eventually weakening their political power and leading to carbon-restrictive legislation.

Fourteen colleges and universities have committed to divestment.  Your signature will help to make UH number 15.

To the University of Hawaii Foundation and UH Board of Regents:
     I urge you to immediately cease new investment in any fossil-fuel public equities and corporate bonds, including commingled funds, and to immediately begin divestment from all such holdings.
     Unchecked, global warming will disrupt everything living on Earth for centuries.  UH students will have to live in the world fossil fuel use has disfigured.  You can help us salvage it.