Aloha Maui Nui-

The movement is growing within the Hawaiian Islands.  We have a new Maui Nui (Maui, Molokai, Lanai) group forming and we are seeking help from climate defenders who want to make a change at the local level.  Whether you have just a little time, a lot of time, or your available time varies, we need your support.

Here are some of the activities that we need support with:

  1. Providing testimony (in person, email, or video) on County resolutions supporting renewable energy and climate change mitigation, resilience, and sustainability.
  2. Organizing and advertising quarterly 350.Hawaii Maui Nui meetings
  3. Writers/bloggers to post Maui Nui updates related to climate change mitigation/resiliency and renewable energy on this site.
  4. Social media proselytizers – to get the word out via social media channels – FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc..
  5. Folks who can watchdog the Maui County planning department/commission to make sure all Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) are included in ALL new developments and make sure that Sea Level Rise (SLR) is included in all EISs.
  6. Folks to attend County Council meetings live or via Akaku and keep the group appraised of any climate change related activities.
  7. Partner group coordinator – contact partner groups such as Maui Tomorrow, Sierra Club, Malama Maui Nui, etc. to work together on initiatives and team up for environmental activities.
  8. coordinators in all corners of Maui Nui – Molokai, Lanai, Hana, Central Valley, West Maui/Lahaina, West Maui/Waihee, South Maui, and other remote areas needing representation.
  9. 350Hawaii Maui Nui Leadership Council – attend all-island bi-weekly meetings, webinars, vote on Maui project priorities.

The time is NOW.  Be a part of the solution and part of building a better Maui County through these efforts.  If you are interested, please contact Rita Ryan at or text to 250.5030.


Mahalo Nui Loa!

Rita Ryan & Ananda Stone Maui Nui Leadership Coordinators