Today announced early endorsements for 15 candidates running for State Representative and County Council seats. The most committed of our 6,000 members will support them by giving effort, ideas, time, money and other resources.

We are delighted to announce our enthusiastic support for

Shannon Matson, House District 3
Jeanné Kapela, House District 5
Tina Wildberger, House District 11 (Incumbent)
Walter Ritte, House District 13
Becky Gardner, House District 20
Trish La Chica, House District 36
Amy Perruso, House District 46 (Incumbent)
Sandra “Kaui” Pratt Aquino, House District 48
Micah Pregitzer, House District 50
Lisa Marten, House District 51

Heather Kimball, Hawaii County Council

Mason Chock, Kauai County Council
Felicia Cowden, Kauai County Council
Luke Evslin, Kauai County Council

Kelly King, Maui County Council

After extensive evaluation of candidates’ websites, questionnaire answers, public statements, and reputations in the community, we are confident that the knowledge, experience and drive these individuals bring to the Climate Crisis battle can lead to real action in the legislature and councils.

We will be endorsing additional candidates soon.

We formed in 2014 explicitly to vanquish the causes of climate change. In the crucial election year of 2020, with Hawaii’s legislative session ruined by COVID-19, we are focusing on helping to elect the most climate-conscious, progressive people running for any office in the state.

If you have even a little free time, and want to make a difference in the fight to save our climate, please email, and join us at Real climate action can only happen with more climate-friendly legislators! These candidates can use help with:

Volunteer in campaign offices, virtually; sign wave; put up flyers, signs and banners; register people to vote; GOTV in various ways; phonebank; raise money; research the opposition.

Share knowledge; look for opportunities; design flyers and mailers; think of who you know with influence; think of ways to reach voters during the quarantine.

Hand-address envelopes; educate & recruit family, friends, neighbors and co-workers; make sure they know how to Vote By Mail; learn about campaigning.

For YouTube, social media and TV ads; for printing and mailing costs; for food for volunteers.

Other Resources
After the quarantine, host a local campaign office in your home; host a house party; drive canvassers to neighborhoods.

Brodie, Sherry, Dave, Jan, Laurel, Tawn, Rita, Phaethon and Koohan